"We help entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas bring their ideas to market. We offer them funding, relevant networking and hands-on management."

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Who we are

Brooklyn Ventures brings together seasoned executives with various backgrounds. We have a joint commitment to help companies with great potential and ideas to succeed. Each of us has a proven track record in our own field.

Consider Green Tech, where we successfully built a pioneer in solar cells, making it one of the industry leaders and widely regarded as the best of its class.

Or Fact-Based Online Marketing, where we have helped our clients realize the most out of each and every customer contact, propelling them to become world-class players in their respective fields.

Or Oil and Gas, where we have worked on creating business growth and operational excellence for various clients and employers.

Or Business Banking, where we have supported and advised high-profile investors with their financial strategy and portfolio selection.

Currently we are working on the next big Telco. By leveraging our contacts in the Telecom industry together with our vast experience in online marketing and operational excellence, we have managed to reduce to the cost of a call to 50 percent of that of our nearest competitor without compromising quality.

So you see, we have been in the trenches and helped build excellent companies. How can we help you?


What we do

Whether you are just starting with the next game-changing venture or have a company that is a couple of years old, you may encounter a time where you could need some extra help. We bring that help.

Brooklyn Ventures is no ordinary venture capital firm. In fact, we don’t consider it as one at all. We don’t just bring money to the table; we believe that our added-value comprises our experience as entrepreneurial leaders and our vast network of industry leaders.

We do not fit into the incubator box either. Instead, we take pride in supporting the companies we work with throughout all stages. Compare this to your traditional incubator, which limits its commitment to a short period of time.

Working with Brooklyn ventures ensures that we will

We are open to working with and investing in all sorts of ventures, regardless of industry or development stage. We can help you with fast growth, operational excellence, business development and our first-tier network of industry leaders and business partners.

We are ready to take your business to the next level. Are you?

Get in touch

We are open to all kinds of companies and ideas. Our criteria are transparent. Can we help you reach the next stage?

E-mail: info@brooklyn-ventures.com
Address: P.O. Box 130, 3620 AC Breukelen, The Netherlands