We are more than happy to asses your business idea and analyse the potential to see if your idea is future proof. We can add the most value to your idea if it meets our investment criteria, and is in line with our investment focus. Please have a look at both of them before you send us your business idea. 


If your idea meets our investment criteria and is in line with our investment focus please send us your business plan / pitch deck. In order to provide you with the best possible feedback we would like to see that your business plan contains at least:

  • Company Purpose
  • The problem and your solution
  • Your unfair advantage
  • Market size and competition
  • Business model
  • Team
  • Finance
  • Description of the scalability

Please send your business plan / pitch deck to and we will reply to you within a week. 




Brooklyn Ventures has two headquarters which are located in the city center of Delft and at the 'Leusderend property'  in Leusden. It is possible that your car navigation does not recognizes the address 'Leusderend 32'. If that is the case, please search for 'Dodeweg 6' in Leusden. 

For general inquiries please message



Maerten Trompstraat 25                                                                                                           2628 RC, Delft                                                                                                                      The Netherlands



Leusderend 32                                                                                                                     3832 RC, Leusden                                                                                                                The Netherlands