At Brooklyn Ventures we have invested in companies with activities in a wide range of sectors. We are picky and can be because our approach requires our full commitment. Our current portfolio includes for example Pandora Intelligence (Intelligence company, specialized in security risks), IRM Systems (Oil – and gas pipeline and data intelligence consultancy) and Talk360 (International Calling App). We fulfill an active participating role within our portfolio businesses and are full aware of the markets we operate in. This approach only will deliver the best results. Please look at our portfolio to see what we do for our investee companies. 

We do not invest in ideas that only need capital, but are also looking for a pro-active role of Brooklyn Ventures. By bringing our partners and associates on board we help to structure your business and provide you with support in the field needed, from commercialization, business development and sales generation to financing and general leadership. We can add maximum value to your business idea when it concerns a B2B proposition and is active in the sectors: Data Intelligence, Oil & Gas, Telecom/Media, Predictive analytics and High Tech Machinery.

However, exceptions are part of life so if you think you're idea is great; challenge us!




The most important criteria for Brooklyn Ventures is the TEAM. Therefore, we want to see at least 2 competent founders that have:

  • Strong tech or engineering knowledge
  • Extensive knowledge of the market you want to operate in

Furthermore, the following criteria are also important to us:

  • The company needs to have a B2B focus.
  • The product, process or service needs to have a time to market of 6 months maximum
  • The product is developed in-house
  • The founders are seeking an active participating role of Brooklyn Ventures
  • Founders have international ambitions and are focused on long-term growth
  • Employees, founders and management have proven track record in their own field and are willing to commit themselves contractually for a long term to the company

If your idea is in line with our investment focus and criteria, please send us your business plan / pitch deck. Click on the button below to see the guidelines of your business plan / pitch deck. 




The investment process is similar for every company, however the completion is company specific. In consultation with the management we will perform the activities that are value enhancing for the company. We do not have a specific investment period in mind, we will only exit the company if you and your company have bridged the next stage.

Step 1: If your idea meets our investment criteria and fits within our investment focus, we would be more than happy to review your business idea

Step 2: We will evaluate your business plan and provide you with feedback within a week

Step 3: If we see potential in your team and idea and it fits within our portfolio we will invite you for a short pitch

Step 4: If your team and the pitch increases our enthusiasm we will start cooperatively the due diligence process*

Step 5: When the due diligence process is successfully completed we would like to welcome you on board

*The due diligence process is a type of investigation that contributes to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available. The relevant areas of concern include the financial, legal, intellectual property, tech, and market/commercial situation of the company.