We have an interesting list of projects and activities we have supported and facilitated over the years. These have widen the horizon of our expertise and paved way for successful collaborations with many businesses.

Walk back in time with us on our repertoire!

2017  Led the series A of Pandora Intelligence.

2015-2017   Our current portfolio.

2014   Fostered the second Angel round in SoSocio.

           Led the Series A of Talk360 with a combination of Venture Capitals and Angels.

2013   Advised SnappCar in its joint ventures with Athlon.

           Exited Valuewait and Needs & Senses to founders.

           Led and facilitated the third angel round in Talk360.

           Set-up Pro Buyer Group.

           Acquired a stake in Mobile Interaction Company.

2012   Acquired a stake in Talk360SoSocio, Valuewait and Needs & Senses.

2011   Set-up and facilitated Brooklyn Ventures Participation 1.

           IRM-Systems was established.