There is a lot more to success than simply having a brilliant idea. Many people have great ideas but only few get off the couch to start executing on their vision. But even starting to execute your ideas does not readily guarantee success. Only a small percentage of companies succeed in becoming sustainable profit machines. Our central purpose is to take your idea a step further towards success by optimizing all our resources in making your ideas brighter.

We are motivated to expand and extend your ideas by exploring every possibility of success. We have made it our mission to welcome your business concepts and explore unique ways to make them fly.

We inspire your vision 

 Here at Brooklyn Ventures we strongly believe we can leverage our experience and partner network to help you beat the odds. We apply a different approach to our work-style. Compared to the traditional Venture Capitalist, we go much further than providing funding. We wait and see if- and till- you are successful to cash out.  This is to ensure we deploy our resources to improve your business chances.

We can help you with international business development, scale your team and business and help you find the right funding strategy. We will do our best to make a success of your business ideas.

We structure your plans

We see challenges as opportunities and we aim at using this mind-frame to exploit all opportunities to help your ideas. Whether your challenge is bringing your product to the market, executing a marketing plan, getting first or additional financing or need some help shaping your organization’s structure: we have the knowledge, network and experience to help you succeed. We are willing to structure and restructure your plans to find the perfect fit for your goals. We will explore business models that can be adapted to your specific needs.

We nurture your ideas

We do not just provide the funding or business framework for your plans. We are also interested to subsequently continue to offer you our expert advice and guidance. When you are on board with us, one of our partners will spend at least one day a week with you at your company for as long as we are involved. This will ensure that you will get our full attention. With three expert partners to choose from, there is always someone in our team who has the answer to your company’s specific challenge.

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