We are set to guide your business ideas toward success!

Our Ideal

Every company encounters a time when they could use some extra help. Whether you are just starting with the next game changing venture or having a company that is a couple of years old. We can provide you with the needed support if you want to scale up internationally.

Brooklyn Ventures is no ordinary venture capital firm. We don't just bring money to the table, but we also provide you with our experience as entrepreneurs and our vast network of industry leaders. These components add special value and help your business idea succeed. In our world, hands-on means rolling up the sleeves and join your entrepreneurial team ourselves for at least several days per week.

Our Offer

At Brooklyn Ventures we have the resources that can elevate your business to the next stage. Working with us ensures that we will:

  • Realize your company's full potential by assisting with our global hands-on entrepreneurial experience
  • Immediately start scaling your venture internationally in several continents
  • Arrange your funding with our own means and vast network of the right co-investors with relevant industry experience

Let us help you to scale your brilliant venture into a full-blown and sustainable success!

Our Circle of Influence

Success is a process that involves not just a bright idea and people, but also the right business framework to nurture and sustain. The keys to success are industry-indifferent, but off course we accelerate your company quicker, if it is active in our circle of influence. We invest and accelerate companies in different stages varying from Seed to Series B to Turn-arounds.

To ensure that we can leverage our global network effectively, we work preferably with ventures in these sectors:

  • Oil & Gas (upstream)
  • Telecom Apps
  • M-Commerce B2B and B2C propositions related to Media
  • High Tech Machinery

The most important question for us is: “Can we influence the success of this venture enough to make it (close to) a self-fulfilling prophecy.”


Is the SECTOR AND stage of your venture matching our philosophy?

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