ard jol


Ard Jol is characterized by his entrepreneurial spirit and analytical skills. Due to his decade-long experience and expertise he knows the buttons of success for your business. Currently he leads our portfolio company Pandora Intelligence.


Hans Osnabrugge


Hans Osnabrugge is the expert in all corporate finance activities in- and outside our portfolio companies. He is in charge of Talk360 and the Mobile Interaction Company and has an influential network in the African continent, Finance, Telecommunications and New Media sectors.


rutger schouten


Rutger Schouten is an intelligent hands-on strategist, able to assess your idea and it's potential within minutes. Due to his experience and role as Managing Director in IRM Systems he is a recognized figure in the world of pipelines and upstream Oil & Gas industry. 


robert jan mohlmann

finance specialist

Robert Jan Mohlmann has 30+ years of financial experience at large organizations like Roompot, Walibi and Brezan. He is a real expert and able to solve complex financial issues. In his current role he assists and advises the portfolio companies in the field of finance.


Peter van Muijen


Peter van Muijen is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and finance specialist. He is able to efficiently structure your financial organization and provides the information that is needed to lead your company in the right direction. 


Sanne Koolen

Recruiter / HR Manager

Sanne Koolen is an experienced and versatile people manager. She recruits the best talents and experts for the portfolio companies and external organizations.


Sander de Boer

Jr. Associate

Sander de Boer is loaded with enthusiasm and able to assist you in your strategic and operational issues. Currently he is expanding one of our portfolio companies to India and works on a few other projects for portfolio and external companies.



Partner (South Africa)

Dean Hiine is our South African partner and responsible for our investments / entitities.