We dare to say that we are no ordinary venture capital firm, on the contrary with our unique and personal approach we are able to provide you with the needed capabilities and resources. We actively participate and resolve the execution struggles you are dealing with; active involvement is our trademark. We help to structure your business and provide you with support in the fields needed, from strategy, commercialization and financing to operations and general leadership. Building long-term relationships and introducing your company to work with the international leaders of your industry is key and will elevate your business.

When you get on board we can provide you with our:


Active Involvement

Active involvement is our trademark! Whether we provide you with support on a commercial level, or structure your business, we give full commitment to help your idea succeed.  


Human Resources

We know that it can be hard to hire the talent you need to realize your business ideas. Therefore, we can assist you with our in-house human resource officer that will select the right person for the job.



Brooklyn Ventures brings together three serial entrepreneurs with their own expertise. Having handled demanding challenges, we are equipped with the expertise to scale your business.


International Experience

Brooklyn Ventures is aware of the endless international possibilities. With the help of our global network and international experience we are able to scale your venture internationally and drastically increase growth.

Network of Industry Leaders

Over time we have developed an extensive network of industry leaders across the globe, from software developers to senior VPs of large multinationals. These industry leaders can connect you with the people you need in order to grow your business. 




Hans Osnabrugge is the expert in all corporate finance activities in- and outside our portfolio companies. He is in charge of Talk360 and has an influential network in the African continent and the Media sector.


Ard Jol is characterized by his entrepreneurial spirit and analytical skills. Due to his decade-long experience and expertise he knows the buttons of success for businesses. Currently he leads our portfolio company Pandora Intelligence.


Rutger Schouten is an intelligent hands-on strategist, able to assess your idea and it's potential within minutes. Due to his experience and role in IRM Systems he is a recognized figure in the world of pipelines and upstream Oil & Gas industry.