We are set to guide your business ideas toward success!

Our Ideal

Everyone encounters a time when they could use some extra help. Whether you are just starting with the next game changing venture or you have a company that is a couple of years old- we can give you the help you need.

Brooklyn Ventures is no ordinary venture capital firm; in fact, we don't consider ourselves as being one at all. We don't just bring money to the table, but we believe our experience as entrepreneurial leaders and our vast network of industry leaders who can help you succeed, adds extra value that is unavailable elsewhere.

Our Circle of Influence

Success is a process that involves not just a bright idea but also the right business framework to nurture and sustain it. We are industry-indifferent and have no preference for the current stage of your company. We are also open to working with other investment companies or business angels as long as we can bring our unique perspective to your company.  

To ensure that we can leverage our global network effectively, we work mostly with companies from these fields:

  • Oil & Gas (upstream)

  • High Tech Machinery

  • Apps & M-Commerce

  • Telecommunications and Mobile Interaction

We do not look at business as limiting and our repertoire still extends well beyond these fields.

Our Offer

We at Brooklyn Ventures have the resources that can elevate your business to the next stage. Working with us ensures that we will:

  • Connect you to the right co-investors with relevant industry experience
  • Open up our vast network of leaders, partners and specialists to you
  • Help you realize your and your company's full potential by assisting with hands-on management experience

Every step taken to successfully execute an idea  involves careful planning and clear knowledge of the best business model that applies. Let us be the springboard that launches your brilliant idea into full-blown, sustainable success. 

We are ready to take your business to the next level, are you? Find out how